About Løvenskiold-Vækerø

Løvenskiold-Vækerø is a modern company with a long history, established in 1649. We are a leading company within commerce, real estate, forestry and agriculture, and aim to take an active part in the further development of these industries in Norway.

Løvenskiold-Vækerø is a family corporation, owned by Carl Otto Løvenskiold. We are a long-term and predictable owner, and pride ourselves on being a responsible member of the society, in social, financial and environmental matters. Developing the commerce area Bærums Verk, which is a historical centre of business and trade, administrating the Oslo forest, and protection its historical farm estates, are only a few examples of this active, societal role.

Løvenskiold-Vækerø is today a leading corporation within commerce, real estate, forestry and agriculture, and has a firm ambition to be one step ahead of the development in these areas. Our businesses have always been adapted continuously to societal changes. Over the years, some businesses have faded away, while others have been brought to light. We are continuously working hard to ensure that new, forward-oriented Norwegian businesses will continue to grow in our company. 

Carl Otto Løvenskiold is the CEO and owner of Løvenskiold-Vækerø.

Løvenskiold Handel

Løvenskiold-Vækerø's daughter company, Løvenskiold Handel,  have since 1995 developed a leading national chain of stores in the fields of living and building supplies. MAXBO is today a strong brand with a leading position in the market.

MAXBO is the flagship of Løvenskiold Handel. The MAXBO chain originates from the traditional retail store for building material at Vækerø, established in 1973. The MAXBO concept consists of MAXBO, MAXBO Stormarked and MAXBO Proff.

With the slogan “Of course you can!”, MAXBO is seen as an active, helpful and useful partner for customers seeking to touch up their homes.

The main distribution channel is a central warehouse, Løvenskiold Logistikk (Logistics), which is one of the most modern and efficient supplies in Norway. 

With this foundation, Løvenskiold Handel is well positioned to secure a long-term business with good profits.

Løvenskiold Eiendom

Løvenskiold-Vækerø's daughter company, LøvenskioldEiendom, is a leading real estate company that manages and develops a broad range of housing and business properties in Norway.

The company’s strategy is to develop and invest in properties in Norway, in addition to securing framework conditions for development and growth in the Løvenskiold-Vækerø’s properties.

Løvenskiold Eiendom manages 125 000 m2 of business-, warehouse- and industrial properties, in addition to considerable landed properties. Løvenskiold Eiendom is the company’s competence centre for properties, and a service provider for the rest of the company.

In Løvenskiold Eiendom’s portfolio, with business activities throughout the past several hundred years, and in strong development even today, you find Vækerø, Bærums Verk and Fossum.

Løvenskiold Skog

Løvenskiold-Vækerø has its historical origin as the manager of Norway’s largest privately owned forestry and agricultural properties in and around Oslo.

Through the divisjon Løvenskiold Skog, Løvenskiold-Vækerø manages 430 000 decares (106 000 acres) of forest. Every year, about 63 000 m3 of timber is taken out. In addition, Løvenskiold Skog has about 4 200 decares of grown land, where it primarily grows grains. To ensure a balanced utilisation of the land, we also has livestock of Simmental cattle at Hakedals Verk.

Løvenskiold-Vækerø's emphasise is that the environmental foundation must be handed over to the next generation in at least as good a condition as our ancestors brought it to us. A wrongful decision today will have consequences for generations to come, and we must therefore be predictable and responsible in our forest administration every single day.

Løvenskiold-Vækerø’s forests are the recreational area for more than one million people. Hardly any other capital can offer its citizens more impressive areas for outdoors activities, with amongst other
1 200 km of marked tracks available. We therefore feel a special responsibility, not only for protecting the nature itself, but also for securing pleasant common areas. Our forestry and agricultural operations therefore holds the highest professional standards.

180 cabins are for rent for leisure, and a number of farms are of rent for permanent residents.

Our goal is that these are preserved in their original condition.

The forestry is an important condition in keeping the forests as accessible as they are today,and with that, the possibilities for a wide range of outdoor activities.